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  2. Moral

    Because he was a youth player and one for the future. How can we build for the future if they just want to leave. The game will die my main issue was I had only just bought him at the end of last season. New season started and he wanted more money. Could give it to him because of the rule. By time I could it was too late.
  3. Moral

    I don't really have an issue except at start of season when there are so many friendlies. But my point is say if at the end of the previous season you bought youth player and these request a wage increase at the start of the new season. You cannot offer them an increase for many weeks due to them recently joining. There moral therefore goes down quickly every turn and you can do nothing about it! The rest of the time it has encouraged me to rotate my squad and move on players not getting games therefore giving me more to do so I'm all for it. I'm sure I can remember seeing a message setting out what increase to moral playing a senior/youth game gives a player. Could you show this again Adrian?
  4. Youth contracts

    I'll change this that they don't ask for a wage increase if they have a contract renewal ban in force.
  5. Complete dross

    Did you scout decent players last season?
  6. Moral

    So if a player is not quite good enough to play and is hardly ever played then why is it out of order that he would want to leave for a club where he could get game time? The purpose of including morale was to force some squad rotation, as the complaint was that the same lineup could be chosen every week. A secondary purpose was to avoid player stockpiling - at least encouraging managers to loan out their promising youngsters. I'll boost the morale boost for game time in first team games, but friendlies cant be used to boost morale unless those who don't play in the friendly also get a commensurate drop in morale.
  7. Moral

    I've let Adrian know that this has been asked...
  8. Moral

    I agree. Just had to sell a good young player because he wanted a new contract. Could give him one in time and had to sell him. Could play him enough either. Although he wasn’t even good enough to play. Needs a complete rework.
  9. Moral

    Not sure if forum posts are being read at moment or if any alterations have been made to moral issues but can I make a suggestion? In 101 a new season is about to begin. This usually means lots of friendly fixtures. Especially for teams entered straight into European group stages. And therefore little or no chance to increase player moral (Which I still believe is an issue). In real life teams often use pre-season games to give new players and youth players first team experience thus increasing their moral by getting this opportunity. Could moral points be increased during pre-season to perhaps youth players increase 2pts per appearance and over 21's 1pt per game. This will give managers the opportunity to play and increase players with low moral ready for the new season. Be nice to get some reply.
  10. Earlier
  11. Complete dross

    Don't have any ideas but i haven't encountered this with any of my four teams!!!!
  12. Can't see scouting screen

    screenshot attached
  13. Can't see scouting screen

    Are you able to do a screen grab and post details here?
  14. Can't see scouting screen

    I think it might be to do with the settings that are in Game 102 for my scouts, rather than affecting everyone's accounts. It works in Game 101 for my team there, but in game 102 it just comes up with a HTML error (as above)
  15. Can't see scouting screen

    Just checked mine and everything seems okay.
  16. Can't see scouting screen

    whenever I try to go to the scouting page I get XMl code appear with the top header of 'ddlOrder' has a SelectedValue which is invalid because it does not exist in the list of items. Parameter name: value This only affects game 102. When I go to scouting in game 101 everything works fine. Thanks Col
  17. Complete dross

    For some reason since the new season has started in Game 102 Borussia Dortmund have started scouting complete rubbish. I'm scouting youths and just coming up with players in the 60's all the time. I have complete facilities and four top rated scouts but every player scouted is very low rated all of a sudden. Any (sensible) ideas why?
  18. Youth contracts

    There is a problem with youth that sign towards the end of a season. When a new season begins they seem to request a wage increase. However you cannot offer them a new contract for the set number of weeks. This means their moral plummets (5 points a match). Some of my will likely drop below the 25 mark (and therefore refuse to re-sign) before I am able to offer them a new contract.
  19. Moral

    Trouble is it doesn't go up either and we do have a lot of friendly fixtures. I think players should get some moral boost from playing first team friendlies. I'm managing to keep players fairly happy by squad rotation and not having a lot of my youth players in first team squad but it seems like other teams are getting a lot of players on low moral and refusing to sign new contracts. If an average player (expecting to play occaisionally) is on 98 moral and plays a game this seems enough to keep him happy for a long time. However if the same player is on 80 moral and he then plays 1-2 first team games (this in theory should make him happy and very high moral) in reality his moral only creeps up 1-2 points meaning he would have to play a lot of games in a row to reach a high moral.
  20. Moral

    I'm going to jump in and agree then... unless I don't count?
  21. 102 Euro draw

    Sounds good. Thanks.
  22. Moral Amnesty

    Morale hit on players depends on what division their team is in - some players will never drop morale if their rating is low enough.
  23. Moral

    I had a look at the data for g102. There are 1116 players in managed sides. Of those: 158 have morale lower than 80 (14% of all players) 322 between 80 and 89 (29% of all players) 636 have morale 90 or greater (57% of all players) There are 37783 players in unmanaged sides. Of those: 1552 have morale lower than 80 (4% of all players) 21643 between 80 and 89 (57% of all players) 14588 have morale 90 or greater (39% of all players) So it doesn't seem out of whack with what you'd come across in the real world, but I'm not against upping the morale boost for playing games by 10% and seeing what effect that has. As long as at least one other manager agrees. In friendly weeks morale doesn't go down.
  24. 102 Euro draw

    Just to clarify, after season 1 then there is no round 1 of champions league qualifiers. In season 1 all the teams in all leagues are entered in to round 2. After that from season 2 then the top 2 per league go through to group stages straight away and positions 3 to 6 are entered in to round 2.
  25. 102 Euro draw

    Adrian is aware of this
  26. 102 Euro draw

    Anything happening here. We are 3 days from the cup games.
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