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  2. Attendance Trend

    Good stuff
  3. Youth Academy/Scouting Update

    If the feeling is that wages are fine, then all good. The need for money sinks is often mentioned and that gives the impression that there is too much money in the game.
  4. Attendance Trend

    I also have this. Funnily its fine in g101 and has these december dates in g102. I'll put it in the Q for resolution.
  5. Last week
  6. Attendance Trend

    Gillingham G102 Home attendance trend has not updated since 29th December 2016. I suspect this is when I last expanded the stadium...? Screenshot attached for reference. G101 not affected, although I haven't expanded my stadium in that game.
  7. Youth Academy/Scouting Update

    Think maybe higher wages for any new games. To do it now would penalise long term managers who have spent a lot of time building up top squads. I am very happy with the new updates so far but they already mean long term managers are having to think about moving players (who we have invested time and in game money on) on so would not like to see increased wages in existing games because of this.
  8. Youth Academy/Scouting Update

    Think it's fine to have 98 and 99 rated players wanting 300k or so. However you should be able to add revenue. Top clubs pay those wages because they have rich owners. That can be simulated in a game. So you either have to have lower wages or a way to earn more cash. Larger stadiums maybe. At a cost. A massive cost but it's an option.
  9. Youth Academy/Scouting Update

    I would say top players wages are about right. I have players on 140k/150k/160k a week. Think this is fairly realistic.
  10. Assistant

    Valid point. It should really just fill in the missing players with a suitable replacement and leave the tactics. Will have a look.
  11. Youth Academy/Scouting Update

    The way we worked out the build cost was on a real-life estimate of build cost and time. I believe the challenge is that the wages for the top players are too low in the game and increasing these will make it more of a challenge for the top end clubs.
  12. Assistant

    I had a single injury and my assistant changed my tactics, I thought it was just meant to replace the injured player? i know I didn't pick a valid team so my fault but frustrating my assistant doesn't have my back, I guess I'll sack him.
  13. Youth Academy/Scouting Update

    Not exactly but youth needs to be an investment. If everyone can easily get all the academies then just give them as a standard feature for nothing. if you look at the most successful youth academies in the world IRL most are for clubs that are not buying big name players. It should be a choice between investing in senior squad or going youth (financially speaking).
  14. Youth Academy/Scouting Update

    Just cause you've got billions lol
  15. Youth Academy/Scouting Update

    Aces (well it's not but you know!)
  16. Youth Academy/Scouting Update

    Lvl 1 you can have 20. Lvl 2 you can have 25. This goes up to 30 when fully developed
  17. Youth Academy/Scouting Update

    Is there a limit to the size of youth squads now? I've got 20 in the youth squad and 47 players overall, so I am well under the 68 player limit, but when I try to add a player to the youth squad I get the message that it's full.
  18. Youth Academy/Scouting Update

    Awesome, make them expensive for the challenge :)
  19. Youth Academy/Scouting Update

    Yes, as they would each be a separate facility
  20. Youth Academy/Scouting Update

    How long does YA take to upgrade? Please would it be possible to show a countdown in turns?
  21. Player Moaning Update

    I have a suggestion. Currently when a player is unhappy with salary it changes colour, can we consider the same for general morale and change their rating to yellow/red?
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  23. Youth Academy/Scouting Update

    Agreed, it looks confusing ;)
  24. Youth Academy/Scouting Update

    I have one teeny issue. I had tier 1, 2, or 3 facilities. But I have tier 3, 2 or 1 youth players. Can we have consistency so 3 is the best or 1 is the best, and that is across the board?
  25. Player Moaning Update

    Awesome, thanks!
  26. Youth Academy/Scouting Update

    I like the sound of multiple academies, could we build them concurrently?
  27. Youth Academy/Scouting Update

    All aspects of the game should continue to evolve for the better. Essentially the current scouting system allows you to scout players for up to 20 turns before deciding if you buy them, so serves the same purpose as having another squad except you dont get to train them. What could be done is to allow multiple academies to be built (in the different regions) and allow more youth scouts to be assigned? So the current academy is the home one and then others can be built on different continents? That wouldnt be too difficult to implement.
  28. Player Moaning Update

    Will add it under overview
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