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General Rules

Although the administrators and moderators of Autela Group Limited will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum, it is impossible for us to review all messages.

To have access to this Forum, you need to keep a valid email address at all times All messages express the views of the author, and neither the owners of Autela Group Limited or anyone connected to Autela Group Limited will be held responsible for the content of any message.

By using the message board, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violate any laws.

The owners of Autela Group Limited have the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason.

Courtesy and Tolerance

Autela Group Limited request that you are courteous to other managers in your posts and replies at all times, Autela Group Limited request that you are tolerant towards other users and the way they post and Users may not publicly pick on other managers for the way they spell and post, the highlighting of another managers Grammar or Spelling errors will be viewed as bullying. The rules do not state that text-talk is not allowed within posts, however, we would like to remind members that this is a Message Board and not a Mobile Phone and other users are happier to answer and contribute to posts that are more creative and not using text-talk.


You may not use profanity in thread titles, posts, signatures or private messages Inappropriate sexual remarks and slang can and will be considered profanity


You may not make personal attacks either publicly or privately. You may not use demeaning terms referring to ethnic origin, religious beliefs, gender, or sexual preference.

It can sometimes be hard to distinguish between a well-intentioned joke and an offensive remark. Therefore, hostile or inappropriate jesting will be judged according to the rules as if they were a regular comment. You may not inappropriately flame/attack another user or moderator.


You may not spam. Spam includes, but is not limited to:

a) Excessive off topic threads in the wrong forums

b) Inciting a board war or riot

Personal Information

You may not distribute private messages unless both parties have provided mutual consent You may not post any form of real life information of a user unless they have first permitted it


You may not re-edit a post that has already been edited by a moderator

You may not bait, insult, flame, or otherwise abuse a moderator

You may not violate any of these rules in your posts, thread titles, or signatures

You may not log in using someone elses account and password

You may only use One Username/login on this forum. If for any reason you cannot login to your Username then email the Forum Administrator for help.

You may not publicly complain about or demand a reason for another user's ban. Banned users have the responsibility of answering for themselves on their own.


Warning System

You will notice different features displayed on your account including a points rating (towards a ban!). This rating is affected by your conduct on the board and a brief explanation is below.

Although not every offence results in an official warning, where one is issued your "rating" will increase by 1 point or depending on the nature of the offence be more. If you continue to receive warnings, there are trigger points when further action will automatically occur:

1 Point will result in a Warning about future conduct on the Forums

2 Points will result in a 24 hour posting ban/suspension

3 points will result in a 48 hour account ban/suspension

4 points will result in a 7 Day posting ban/suspension

5 points will result in a 14 Day account suspension

6 points will result in a 30 Day posting ban/suspension

7 points will result in a 60 Day account suspension

8 points will result in a 3 Month post by moderator ( Your posts will be subject to being allowed by Admin/Moderator)

9 points will result in a 3 Month account suspension

If you are at 100%, this will result in a permanent ban Small offences could lead to the suspension of your account for shorter periods, or to disable the ability to post or moderate posts before they are submitted, each dependant on the nature of the offence.

Autela Group Limited reserve the right to suspend/ban a user instantly dependant on the nature of the offence. Whenever a warning is issued you will be notified by email or Private Message.

We appreciate your observance of these guidelines, and hope that you will help in our goal to make the boards a better place.


Important Information

By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use.