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  1. Can't see scouting screen

    Are you able to do a screen grab and post details here?
  2. 102 Euro draw

    Adrian is aware of this
  3. 102 Euro draw

    It has been noted
  4. Ok, further update, Adrian is well on with fixing the issues at hand. There is still a quite alot to edit change swop around and this is all done manually. I do not know when the fix will be uploaded and the games will start to process again but hopefully not long.
  5. Wait till the Janaury cut off, then we need to add players to the teams that have joined or are at the club. i suppose it does not matter that older players may be at the club or those that have left, as you can just sell them, unless they are at another UK club then they would move int he update. i am taking on another employee in Janaury so should have time to help do this :)
  6. We are looking into the issue. The game has been closed to allow the fix and willopening once we have dealt with it. The process that occured too early will be deleted. Further information will be placed here when we have it Game 101 will be delayed while this fix happens
  7. Youth Academy/Scouting Update

    Remember, once agreed it has to be coded and these things take time....
  8. We need to open the shop window. English leagues only.
  9. Youth Academy/Scouting Update

    But the charge would stop people jumping to level 5 within a few weeks unless someone is MAD enough to pay, you have to have some kind of slowness to the game. The other stats are a starting point and i just used the points system for cash we have now. so the 5000 points could be 8 weeks off then.
  10. Just a thought, Even though the squads are way out of date, would anyone be willing to take a free team in a lower league? This way you can gauge how the youth setup would work in a new game and make changes if possible to aid the game in the furture as it grows. We know 101 and 102 have well into several years. If a new game was started would you join, my guess is lower league teams are free to join only prem teams you have to pay for? Discuss please
  11. Youth Academy/Scouting Update

    For me the min amount of cash would have to be £10 from an admin point of view, we have to account for the transanctions but as it would be a one off maybe something higher after all you can always wait for it to happen for free. Maybe you can do same as buying a team in terms of points £5 knocks 3 weeks off (2500points?) £10 knocks 5 weeks off (5000 points?) £20 instant fix (7500points)? We do need to have some extra income and we can also wait the many weeks but those who require for instant fixes can and should pay IMO
  12. Youth Academy/Scouting Update

    Some ideas, Have a time coutdown to implementation as previously suggested, pay CASH (IE Real Money) towards knocking weeks off your build or being fully completed. Use points to have weeks knocked off your build, say 500 points is a week off 1,000 is 2 weeks 2,000 is 4 weeks and 5,000 is 10 weeks say Those that are just wanting to get on have to stump up the cash, those who require a quicker time to finished build and those others can use points to get them closer to the finish build but not complete. This could be the first item in the club shop idea for spending points built up from playing the game. i am against the clubs money being used as that will just make the bigger clubs richer and bigger, but if they have paid actually cash to do this then everyone has that option so level playing field.
  13. OK so someone posts something 30 minutes ago and until like 4 minutes ago we had no idea of the issue. Soimetimes the comments on here xxxx me off so much, anyway i will message adrian and get a fix. The issue is connected with the minus value so the info is very helpful thank you.

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