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  1. 101 Scouting Page

    There was an issue with processing today. i can view the page no issues, are you still having the issue as i know adrian has just fixed an error with processing today ? Thanks
  2. Player contracts.

    why not just have those with 4/5 years do not moan, once they have 3 years they do moan, would make it simple
  3. i often say Tank never see any tanks, although buses are only every hour if i said that i would be hit by one on way to collect/drop off the post. it would be even funnier if i was hit by two as you often have to wait to one then two turn up ay once.
  4. FIXED - £35000000

    think so mate. although we had a different kind of issue which i got a backup of the data at the time.
  5. The original results are now showing and the second results have now purged to the dark side. Thanks again to adrian for being so quick to put this right
  6. I have informed Adrian, Website now offline as a backup may be needed and if so any transfers may that are done may not be there upon backup. Will see what Adrians say shortly, i processed at 930 and at 1130 it was if nothing had happened so processed it I could even do a friendly for today at that time. Oh Hum
  7. There is an issue which I am working on with 1&1 at the moment. Games hopefully will be processed later today
  8. GM Help re Play Offs

    Credit to Adrian for dealing so quickly too
  9. GM Help re Play Offs

    Dave, your now in the play offs ?
  10. GM Help re Play Offs

    been a long day, Adrian informed though.
  11. GM Help re Play Offs

    Hi Dave, I noticed your post on the website so i have asked adrian to remove Carlisle and replace with Fulham if possible. Awaiting reply from Adrian.
  12. Updates

    me and Colin had a meeting over a pint and fish n chips (oh how we roll) to discuss the way forward and we have a plan of action to keep you all informed. Please allow a little time to get this plan into action so hopefully we can move things forward.
  13. FIXED - £35000000

  14. FIXED - £35000000

    Games can still be played, its just player values that's the issue. Games will process as normal

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