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  1. New Game 103 - Question

    The intention of this was that the in-game editor would be used to update just the english leagues. If one manager/editor takes each of the four english leagues this shouldnt take too long.
  2. New Game 103 - Question

    Can the nominated player database editors confirm if the database is now up to date?
  3. New manager = New contracts?

    Done. Sorry, it was a frantic weekend.
  4. New manager = New contracts?

    Will sort it out tomorrow afternoon.
  5. Youth Academy/Scouting Update

    The youth facility upgrade can now be accelerated for a small fee.
  6. Scouting Screen Problem

    Hi Dave, should be fine now. Sorry, I somehow missed this message when I was on the boards over the weekend.
  7. New Game 103 - Question

    I'm writing a hefty exam on friday. Have noted this and will look at it after that.
  8. Youth Academy/Scouting Update

    Its up to the community to come up with the agreed recommendations that can then be implemented. I havent seen a final recommendation as yet. I have given the feedback that whatever the amount is has to be in in-game-money but I dont see a consensus on what the amounts/reduction in build weeks should be.
  9. Three wishes?

    I'm writing a hefty exam on friday. Have noted this and will look at these suggestions after that.
  10. New Game 103 - Question

    How about a 103 with just English divisions, FA Cup, Champs League, Europa League? It should be easier to just try and get the english teams up to date? Having games with lots of unmanaged teams bloats the database.
  11. Youth Academy/Scouting Update

    Yes, it has to be in-game cash. So £500,000 per week or whatever is decided.
  12. Youth Academy/Scouting Update

    Whats the suggestion on how much in game cash to reduce the build time by a turn?
  13. Youth Academy/Scouting Update

    Real cash always gets converted to USM Credits as soon as its processed through paypal, so to use real cash one-off is not a viable option. USM credits can then be converted to in-game money. Ultimately any spending in the game is using in-game money.
  14. Adrian

    Regarding time to work on major improvements that will be from week of 20 November from a planning and small fixes viewpoint, and then december for major implemetations.
  15. Adrian

    I have responded on the youth thread.

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