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  1. Youth contracts

    I'll change this that they don't ask for a wage increase if they have a contract renewal ban in force.
  2. Complete dross

    Did you scout decent players last season?
  3. Moral

    So if a player is not quite good enough to play and is hardly ever played then why is it out of order that he would want to leave for a club where he could get game time? The purpose of including morale was to force some squad rotation, as the complaint was that the same lineup could be chosen every week. A secondary purpose was to avoid player stockpiling - at least encouraging managers to loan out their promising youngsters. I'll boost the morale boost for game time in first team games, but friendlies cant be used to boost morale unless those who don't play in the friendly also get a commensurate drop in morale.
  4. Moral Amnesty

    Morale hit on players depends on what division their team is in - some players will never drop morale if their rating is low enough.
  5. Moral

    I had a look at the data for g102. There are 1116 players in managed sides. Of those: 158 have morale lower than 80 (14% of all players) 322 between 80 and 89 (29% of all players) 636 have morale 90 or greater (57% of all players) There are 37783 players in unmanaged sides. Of those: 1552 have morale lower than 80 (4% of all players) 21643 between 80 and 89 (57% of all players) 14588 have morale 90 or greater (39% of all players) So it doesn't seem out of whack with what you'd come across in the real world, but I'm not against upping the morale boost for playing games by 10% and seeing what effect that has. As long as at least one other manager agrees. In friendly weeks morale doesn't go down.
  6. 102 Euro draw

    Just to clarify, after season 1 then there is no round 1 of champions league qualifiers. In season 1 all the teams in all leagues are entered in to round 2. After that from season 2 then the top 2 per league go through to group stages straight away and positions 3 to 6 are entered in to round 2.
  7. New Game 103 - Question

    The intention of this was that the in-game editor would be used to update just the english leagues. If one manager/editor takes each of the four english leagues this shouldnt take too long.
  8. New Game 103 - Question

    Can the nominated player database editors confirm if the database is now up to date?
  9. New manager = New contracts?

    Done. Sorry, it was a frantic weekend.
  10. New manager = New contracts?

    Will sort it out tomorrow afternoon.
  11. Youth Academy/Scouting Update

    The youth facility upgrade can now be accelerated for a small fee.
  12. Scouting Screen Problem

    Hi Dave, should be fine now. Sorry, I somehow missed this message when I was on the boards over the weekend.
  13. New Game 103 - Question

    I'm writing a hefty exam on friday. Have noted this and will look at it after that.
  14. Youth Academy/Scouting Update

    Its up to the community to come up with the agreed recommendations that can then be implemented. I havent seen a final recommendation as yet. I have given the feedback that whatever the amount is has to be in in-game-money but I dont see a consensus on what the amounts/reduction in build weeks should be.
  15. Three wishes?

    I'm writing a hefty exam on friday. Have noted this and will look at these suggestions after that.

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