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  1. Colin

    Loan costs

    So, we need to find the long play solution - I'm guessing that for the first couple of seasons it's all good.
  2. Colin


    For managers it'll be only the English teams to manage - but the rest of the world will have squads too.
  3. Colin


    It's my pleasure.
  4. Colin


    Squads pretty much all done. Just doing some last minute sense checking (although it's tough to get 19k footballers 100% correct at any time so there will be some errors/duplications). So, all being well I'll be able to hand this over to Adrian before the end of the week and he can start the game up - this is not going to be instantaneous...
  5. Colin

    Loan costs

    A fiver. A Lady Godiva.
  6. Colin

    Loan costs

    Mr Stargate, You could always buy a lady's worth of game credit each March - that would achieve happiness for you and satisfy our requirement for funds...
  7. Colin

    Loan costs

    I like that it costs. I'm happy with the amount that it costs. It's an incentive to put cash into the game if you can't wait until you have earned it through the game (and the game needs this possible revenue to continue). I like that less cash limits availability. I would not like an artificial limit on the number allowed when available cash does the job handsomely.
  8. Colin


    I haven't been trying. I'm waiting (like you) for all/any improvements to be implemented and the recurring fixtures bugs to disappear. Having said that, because we need to start a new game I'm trying to drum up interest via a Facebook page. But I'm not holding my breath.
  9. Colin


    Nothing at the moment. I'm a bit rusty in this area these days due to the nature of the PBM business not existing any longer. Any ideas?
  10. Colin


    These are coming along well. I've got about 5 leagues to go. After that I have to go through all the text and remove the special characters as the game website can't handle them. Won't take long to do. After speaking to Adrian I think we'll be ready to start a new game around the 8th April (his words not mine!). We could do with some more interest in the game, so any help you can offer would be really appreciated. I have a Facebook page set up for Ultimate Soccer Manager so please come along a post something on it - preferably positive :) Between you and me this could be the last throw of the dice for me and these games.
  11. Colin


    I've sent a message to Adrian.
  12. Colin

    FaceBook Page

    I've created an Ultimate Soccer Manager FaceBook page. Please help me with making it look interesting. Lord knows how you find it, I guess you search for UltimateSoccerManagerOnline? Meh?!
  13. Colin


    I've been working on these since the window closing at the end of January. Progress is going well and I think I have about a week more to do. Then it'll be over to Adrian to get a new game going.
  14. Colin


    I've let Adrian know that this has been asked...
  15. Colin


    I'm going to jump in and agree then... unless I don't count?

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