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  1. Moral

    Because he was a youth player and one for the future. How can we build for the future if they just want to leave. The game will die my main issue was I had only just bought him at the end of last season. New season started and he wanted more money. Could give it to him because of the rule. By time I could it was too late.
  2. Moral

    I agree. Just had to sell a good young player because he wanted a new contract. Could give him one in time and had to sell him. Could play him enough either. Although he wasn’t even good enough to play. Needs a complete rework.
  3. 102 Euro draw

    Sounds good. Thanks.
  4. 102 Euro draw

    Anything happening here. We are 3 days from the cup games.
  5. 102 Euro draw

    So is Brexit but that’s no closer to being fixed either. Lol
  6. It’s a mess team drawn in both Europa league and champions league. Teams draw against each other. Round 2 of the champions league has already been drawn even though round one hasn’t been played.
  7. Moral Amnesty

    Maybe they just don’t like the manager.
  8. Moral Amnesty

    Thought this had been turned off. I’ve picked the same team most the season and everyone is happy
  9. Processings

    Thanks Col. top man
  10. Agreed. Think there are only 3 of us left who can do this including Col.eveyone else has left.
  11. It’s all gone Pete Tong each match has 3 results. One on the results page. One in the match report and one that the league table is reflecting. To top top this off there were two turns processed so we are a day ahead of ourselves.
  12. Youth Academy/Scouting Update

    Yer thanks. Already spent all my cash at one club. Had to sell to replenish.

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