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  1. Wrong Result / Result not showing !!

    I blame the Russians LOL
  2. Game 102 Friendly League

    Put both my teams in please ?
  3. 3 teams.

    Hows about the free team is in the lowest league and is allocated bye the game to us long term members in other words we don't get to choose our team the game does and we must be in charge of that team for at least one season before we can leave that team and if we do leave that team for another lower league team the game will choose that team for us again ?
  4. Scouts are overpowered

    We will never get any new players join or log in again when certain individuals in the game at present keep accusing them off cheating or have something to hide if they join up with a fictitious name ! What makes these people think they have something to hide especially when everyone in the game who uses the forums don't use there real names ! So what have you got to hide ? Its about time this stupid behaviour is stopped and let the powers that be police the game !
  5. Scouts are overpowered

    Out of curiosity how does the game promote its self to gain more players ?
  6. Scouted players.

    As if lol
  7. Assistant Manager

    Assistant Manager. There is supposed to be 12 formations you can choose for you're team. If you choose an Assistant Manager from the list 4.4.2 - - 5.4.1 - 3.4.3 is all you can find can this be looked at please ?
  8. Loans

    Bought sturridge from Liverpool and put him straight onto loans list I've had no problems doing this in the past apparently when teams try to loan him he comes up as not for sale ! But he's on transfer list have you changed the rules or is there a fault somewhere ?
  9. Loans

    Thought so thanks
  10. Loans

    Am I right in saying you can loan out a player as soon as you have bought him ?
  11. Stadium

    Do you get money for your old stadium before or after you build ? It does look like you get it before so just checking first lol
  12. wages

    Bought a player and loaned one in both have come up twice in my squads so im paying four lots of wages both these players have been at my club before ?
  13. Euro Youth Cup Issue

    If you look at the past results it looks like you have just played a two leg final Looks like each round was named wrong lol

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