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  1. New manager = New contracts?

    Cheers mate
  2. New manager = New contracts?

    Hi Adrian. Got same problem when taking over Borussia Dortmund in Game 102. Could same fix be applied.
  3. Youth Academy/Scouting Update

    Great. Thanks Adrian.
  4. Youth Academy/Scouting Update

    Think Adrian was busy yesterday and said he would look into it after that. So fingers crossed.
  5. Youth Academy/Scouting Update

    Many managers in 101 and 102 are already building from Level 4 to Level 5 and I think most would like the option to pay to finish this building asap as it has had some detrimental effect on the game. However... For new games should there be some element of build time to put a bit of realism into it. Not the 80 turns it takes now to go from Level 1 to Level 5. Maybe 5 turns for each level. So a span of 20 turns. With the option of going straight for Level 5 if a manager has the funds and wishes to spend it on developing youth.
  6. Youth Academy/Scouting Update

    Managers taking on teams in lower divisions may have to decide how best to spend the cash they have. This reflects real life. They may not need to build youth facilities as quickly because the players found at levels 1-2 may be good enough to get a space in their squads. I'll go with Robs £500k per week of reduction of building times. I think this would mean that it would cost Level 1 - 2 £4m Level 2 - 3 £8m Level 3 - 4 £12m Level 4 - 5 £16m As Rob says unfortunately it will have to be a consensus of only the few managers who use the forum.
  7. Three wishes?

    Maybe negotiate sponsorship deals.
  8. Three wishes?

    In an ideal world what would you like to see added to the game? Some ideas 1. Separate specialised goalkeeper training (maybe hire goalkeeper coach) 2. Ability to change tactics during the game ie. Swap from attacking to defensive if winning or vice versa. 3. Specified specialist free-kick and corner takers. 4. Ground developent ie being able to build catering outlets/club shops/training and medical facilities/hotels etc to increase revenue. I know that's four but it's just to kick us off.
  9. New Game 103 - Question

    Yes I would be happy with that. I want Bury. Could we include a league cup and lower league trophy (No idea what they call it now) so there aren't so many friendly dates?
  10. Youth Academy/Scouting Update

    How about each upgrade costs a set amount say £10m and takes 10 turns to complete.
  11. Youth Academy/Scouting Update

    You'd be better buying two lots of £5 and get 6 weeks knocked off than spending £10 and getting 5 weeks reduction. I think using in game cash is more reasonable as many people already have in game cash they can't use. If we need to raise real cash to help the game progress I propose we pay a £5 fee per team each new season.
  12. Youth Academy/Scouting Update

    I'd go with Rob. Think we need to be able to spend game cash/real cash or game points.
  13. Anyone else?

    Adrian's right we were all informed of the changes which although it's not perfect I don't have a problem with the new youth set up. Perhaps allowing managers to buy to update at moment will help while it is fine tuned.
  14. Adrian

    Cheers Adrian. That's all we need know mate.

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