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  1. Stargate SG1

    Loan costs

    Yes first 2-3 seasons plenty to spend cash on. Maybe we could build retail/food outlets/leisure facilities (I know that will bring more money in) to make it more interesting.
  2. Stargate SG1

    Loan costs

    I suppose it's always going to vary from team to team. From my point of view as a long term manager you get to the stage where your teams are so good it is nearly impossible to buy players that will improve them. This means your bank balance just grows as there is not really anything else to spend your money on. It also has the knock on affect that you tend not to sell many players because the transfer fee involved is really of no use to you.
  3. Stargate SG1


    Think it's just going to be the English leagues.
  4. Stargate SG1


    Thanks for all your hard work on this Colin. Looking forward to kicking off a new game.
  5. Stargate SG1

    Loan costs

    Trouble is there's nothing within the game to spend it on! And what's a lady's worth anyway?
  6. Stargate SG1

    Loan costs

    I agree with the above. Its a sideways jump from this thread but I have often said if the game needs an input of cash why don't we charge a fee per season? I'd happily pay £5 or so per season.
  7. Stargate SG1

    Loan costs

    I do think it's already too easy for managed lower league clubs to move up through the divisions without being packed with high rated loanees so I do think if there is no finanial implication to loaning there needs to be a restriction on the number of loan players a club can have. Maybe 3 per club?
  8. Stargate SG1


    Cheers Colin. It's a real shame we can't seem to attract new players to the game.
  9. Stargate SG1


    Any news of anything new coming to the game?
  10. Stargate SG1

    Complete dross

    Sounds good. How do I filter them?
  11. Stargate SG1

    Complete dross

    Yes scouts did. Dortmund are regularly scouting two players every turn but most are complete rubbish.
  12. Stargate SG1


    I don't really have an issue except at start of season when there are so many friendlies. But my point is say if at the end of the previous season you bought youth player and these request a wage increase at the start of the new season. You cannot offer them an increase for many weeks due to them recently joining. There moral therefore goes down quickly every turn and you can do nothing about it! The rest of the time it has encouraged me to rotate my squad and move on players not getting games therefore giving me more to do so I'm all for it. I'm sure I can remember seeing a message setting out what increase to moral playing a senior/youth game gives a player. Could you show this again Adrian?
  13. Stargate SG1


    Not sure if forum posts are being read at moment or if any alterations have been made to moral issues but can I make a suggestion? In 101 a new season is about to begin. This usually means lots of friendly fixtures. Especially for teams entered straight into European group stages. And therefore little or no chance to increase player moral (Which I still believe is an issue). In real life teams often use pre-season games to give new players and youth players first team experience thus increasing their moral by getting this opportunity. Could moral points be increased during pre-season to perhaps youth players increase 2pts per appearance and over 21's 1pt per game. This will give managers the opportunity to play and increase players with low moral ready for the new season. Be nice to get some reply.
  14. Stargate SG1

    Can't see scouting screen

    Just checked mine and everything seems okay.
  15. Stargate SG1

    Complete dross

    For some reason since the new season has started in Game 102 Borussia Dortmund have started scouting complete rubbish. I'm scouting youths and just coming up with players in the 60's all the time. I have complete facilities and four top rated scouts but every player scouted is very low rated all of a sudden. Any (sensible) ideas why?

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